Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creating a Bed out of Thin Air

Yes, we have literally made a bed appear out of thin air!  You can too, just keep reading.

Here is our lovely guest room that was in need of a bed.  But, living in a staged house, I didn't want to buy a queen bed just for this space (nor could we afford to!).  So I used what we had to make a usable, fairly comfy, lovely-looking bed!

Here were my ingredients:
1. Headboard - crib pieces
2. Bedding - mixed & matched linen we had
3. Box Spring - literally made from boxes... 16!
4. Mattress - our inflatable camping mattress, an air pump and a lot of (thin) air too!

These apple boxes are two-boxes-in-one, so they are extra sturdy.  Plus they are all the same height for an even sleeping surface.  I also love that all these empty boxes are conveniently located yet hidden for when the house sells and we pack up and move again.

I hid the boxes with our old bed skirt for a finished look.  I also scrounged up our old Ralph Lauren bedding from back when we had a red, white & blue theme.  Mixed with a few other linens we had, it becomes a tan & red theme, which works well with the wall color too.
The headboard looks like the old metal frames that could be divided into twins or combined for a master bed.  The plaid, floral & stripe all work together for a truly casual, updated-country look.  Perfect for a guest room out in the wheat fields!

(Just don't tell anyone our little secret!)

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