Hi! My name is Star. Welcome to Stardust Designs - a lifestyle blog that covers everything from home design and entertaining, to our life in ministry and raising 4 kids (2 beautiful biological daughters and 2 precious adopted sons).  Above all, I hope Stardust Designs continuously points to God - the Designer of the stars Himself and the freedom we have with a life in Christ.

My childhood love of drawing, evolved into studying architecture at WSU. Here I met my husband Chad through a campus ministry we both served in. By the time I graduated, I had fallen in love with two things: Chad and Ministry. Although I "broke up" with my first love of architecture and design, God has kept it close through the years. 

After we were married in 2000, we dove into college ministry and began our Masters of Divinity work at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary. I also started Stardust Stationery on the side - a custom cards and stationery business - which I did through my first years of ministry and motherhood (2 beautiful girls in 2 busy years).  Soon it grew into doing interior design, remodeling and drafting architectural plans (my first love!) for friends and clients - and Stardust Stationery became Stardust Designs.

In 2010, God called us to move back to our Alma Mater of WSU to come on staff with a young collegiate church plant. We served passionately there for five years watching God grow it by leaps and bounds, growing from a single college church to a network of churches throughout the Northwest. Our family also grew by a leap and a bound when God broke our hearts over the foster-care epidemic. We foster-adopted our two precious sons, and in 2013 we officially became "McMillan Party of 6".

Through our adoption experience, God opened our eyes to marginalized people and his great heart for them. It was as if scales fell off of our eyes! We realized our dream of the comfortable middle-class, white-picket fence life was empty - and not God's purpose for His people at all! Verses like Micah 6:8 and James 1:27 had new meaning. Our family is learning to live out what God has called his church to do - be a light in dark places, care for the marginalized and go out into the world. 

Just this year, we have moved back "home" near both sides of our family in the Seattle area, where we continue to work in ministry - following our heart for the marginalized. Chad works with a homeless & rehabilitation ministry and I am finding opportunities to write, speak & design. It is a wonderful new adventure and I look forward to sharing our life, our lessons, and our Lord - all here on this little blog!

~Short Bio ~

Star McMillan has a heart for discipling and training up leaders, encouraging and finding new ways to share life with others. She studied at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and has 20 years of ministry experience.  She loves people, ministry, writing and speaking about Christ and His Church, interior design, architecture and consulting.  She and her husband Chad have been blessed with 2 amazing daughters and recently celebrated the adoption of their 2 spectacular sons.  They love being in ministry and on mission together as a family in the Seattle area.

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