Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Much Needed Update...

Since my last post, we’ve had a whirlwind of changes! In August, Chad moved to the Seattle area to continue looking for work. In October, our house sold and the kids and I joined Chad.

Moving Day from our old house "Dexter Heights" this last October.
Since then, we’ve  lived with my gracious parents in my seaside hometown just outside of Seattle. We’ve enjoyed staying at “Gramma & Guppy’s House” over the holidays.

Our temporary home near Seattle - my parents' house (that my dad built!)
Right after the new year, Chad had - not one - but several job offers to consider! Praise the Lord! We are excited to announce that Chad accepted a job with a local Rescue Mission in Tacoma on their Development Team, using his 11 years of experience raising funds for ministry. Thankfully, this is a fully-funded position with benefits. So our years of raising personal support are done. We are incredibly thankful to God for providing a job in an established ministry that is such a good fit for Chad and matches our hearts for the poor and marginalized.

Our future home near Tacoma - moving in this month

Now we are in the process of buying a home (already remodeled! What will we do with all our spare time?), in a quaint little town near Tacoma, with great schools, quiet neighborhoods, and close to the water, beach, parks and trails. We are so grateful and humbled by God’s good gifts in not only answering our prayers for a job and a home, but giving us the desires of our heart in this particular job and in the area we used to call home! God is so good.

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