Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Cleaning the Front Porch

This whole week I'm sprucing up our front porch - getting it ready for Spring.  Today I'm touch-up painting my garden urns and outdoor furniture.  I do this every year or two when I start seeing the paint chip or discolor from being outside.  It only takes 1 can of spray paint for a touch-up.  I use Rustoleum in a black, textured, rod iron finish.

Here are my smaller two urns, painted and drying on the porch.

And here is one of our big urns I also painted.  Yes, those are old Christmas bows in the big one.  (Hey, they work as greenery until the weather warms up and I can plant something it there. And I'm re-using something for free!) I added an old metal topiary form in the middle, to give it a little structure and make it look less Christmas-y and more Spring-like.

While the urns were drying, I shook the mats, swept the porch, cleaned the porch light and cleared cobwebs away - leaving a nice clean canvas to work with.  Here are some of the urns arranged on the porch and ready to be filled with moss for my next porch project.  They will tie in nicely with the front door's mossy Spring Wreath I made yesterday.

We are getting some sun these days, which always makes Spring cleaning easier.  Has the Spring Cleaning Bug bitten you yet?

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