Thursday, August 18, 2011

Skirting an Issue - Closet Organizing Tip

Now that my daughters are all moved into their shared room, I have just a few issues left to address.  One of them being closet space!  With school clothes shopping upon us, I am left with the growing challenge of fitting all their clothes into one closet.  I had just about found a place for everything - except their SKIRTS!  
I love their sweet ruffly skirts.  But they take up too much valuable hanging space on the rod.  However, there is still plenty of unused space on their closet walls.  So I devised a quick and simple solution to hang them in this new spot.

Here's what you'll need:

  • about 10 minutes

  • 4ft length of Ribbon - something strong like grosgrain, not satin

  • Small nail or tack 

    • Safety pins - small to medium work best


    Step 1: Iron your ribbon - I made two - one for each girl - in different scrap ribbons I already had.  If they're wrinkled, iron them.  I used my straightener (it was handy and I wanted to do this quickly)!

    Step 2: Measure - I measured every 3" to place my pins.  However you can space them more or less depending on what you're hanging (e.g. scarves may need more spacing).  I wanted enough room for the hangers to easily come in and out, and for the skirts to hang nicely.

    Step 3: Pin - Pin both sides of the ribbon together every 3".  You could also stitch them together (neater, but takes more time) or knot the ribbon (cute, but you will need a longer length of ribbon).  

    Step 4: Hang - I hung it so the pins were facing the back, for a cleaner look.  Hang it as high as you can reach, since the hangers will be a few inches lower.  I used a tack, which seems plenty strong & secure.  But you could use a small nail or hook if you were afraid it might fall out.

    And that's it!  Hang up your items and enjoy how pretty and organized your closet looks!

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