Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Yesterday was the last day of elementary school for my two oldest.  Remember when you were a kid and this was the best day?  There was magic in the air knowing that you were “officially” another grade older and a whole summer break was waiting for you.  Everyone at school was buzzing with excitement, counting the minutes for the last bell to ring! I loved summer!

But as a mom, I’ve had other emotions when facing this day.  I remember one summer especially, when my husband Chad and I spent a summer apart.  Chad got a dream ministry job across state and we were waiting for our house to sell. So he moved ahead of us while I stayed back with the kids and my old ministry job.  That summer I was single-parenting, working and keeping a staged house clean and ready to show at a moment’s notice.  All this with no childcare. Ack! What was I thinking?

Since that crazy summer, I try my best to ready myself for the onslaught of summer. I try.  I am not a planner. I am more of a nose-to-the-grindstone type of gal. I keep my head down and work hard on what’s right in front of me. So planning far in advance for a whole summer break?  Not gonna happen.  I have no idea yet when Library Days are, or VBS, or even when my kids will do swim lessons. We will do all of them, we always do. Just don’t rush me.

So since yesterday was the last day of school, I will now start working on the plan. (Don’t rush me people!)  I will soon share some of the fun ideas I come up with.  In the mean time, I did have some fun things set up for the kids yesterday.  Here’s what our kids came home to:

BIKES & SCOOTERS - I had enough foresight to get the kid’s bikes all tuned up and cleaned, some even have bigger bikes waiting for them. I also got a couple of (free!) Razor Scooters for our two oldest. We have a park across the street that has a nice riding space, so we will be logging in some good hours there! Total cost: $60 (for a set of new tires, a set of training wheels and a new basket). 

BOOKS – Each of the kids will get a few new books.  I used the credit we had at Bruised Books (a local used books store), plus a gift card we had at Total cost: $1.50

BACKYARD FUN! – Bubbles (I filled the ones they already had), new sidewalk chalk, and their swimming pool filled (with inflatables we already had) – were all waiting for them. Total cost: $2 (for new chalk)

PAR-TAY! -  (I can take little-to-no credit for this one! I have two amazing, extrovert, planner-types in my life that plan for me - my husband and my friend.)  We hosted a Potluck BBQ & Ice Cream Sundae Party (thank you Paige for planning this!) at our house with a Campout (thank you Chad!) to follow.  I will make sure our house is clean and the backyard fun is awaiting our family and friends.

OK, I do love summer.

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