Pioneer Heights

Our Current House ~ Pioneer Heights

We moved here the summer of 2012 and we are SO excited to update this like crazy! These pictures are from the previous owners when they put the house on the market (with their furniture). We have big ideas and a (very) small budget. So take a tour with us and watch as we do some magic...



A long, skinny living room, with beautiful paned windows on one side and dated pine paneling on the other. The entry way is behind you, hallway to bedrooms on the right, and an itty bitty dining room straight ahead.

That blue wall will remain a focal wall with some creative treatment, I'll change the color too.
Oh yeah, we're painting that paneling all up. And beefing up that mantel. Notice that fab fireplace cover? That's gonna go, that orangey brick is a goner too.


Its itty, its bitty and its a high-traffic area. But I still want to use it as a functioning, comfortable, yet formal dining room. A "this is where the grown ups eat" room that we can use for dinner parties (while the kids eat in the kitchen). It will need streamlined furniture that you can still walk around easily. I'm thinking: a round table (with leaves), comfortable seating for tired parents and a hard-working storage solution that is small enough to tuck into a corner and can double as a serving surface. We don't have any of these things as of moving day (our antique dining set is too big), but I'm working on it.

KITCHEN ~ Before

Tomato reddish orange counter tops and back splash. Let's just take a moment to absorb...
Oh Carol Brady, you pulled this off and seemed so happy while doing it. Maybe it was having an Alice that helped. And I don't have an Alice...

Alas I cannot do it. Its gotta go and it can't be soon enough for this "I love my neutrals" girl! We're also going to lose the cupboards and hood above the stove/peninsula. It blocks the view to the big beautiful back yard, and a big beautiful kitchen nook too!


The word "nook" doesn't do this space justice.  It is actually a pretty large addition to the back of the house.

But it is a little too empty and kinda cold. So we want to a bigger table, more seating, add warmth and texture, play up all the windows and light, and make this feel like a kitchen/ living/ hang out space. I picture big dinners, game nights, Saturday morning cereal and cartoons. Maybe even some storage to replace the cabinets we'll take down.

These sliding glass doors in the nook go out to the big back deck and the bigger backyard. This will also serve as our backdoor entrance as the garage and driveway are closest to this entrance. I want a bigger rug and lots of hooks near by for kids coats and back packs.


We'll turn the bed to go under that little window, but play it up with a wall full of curtains. There is another larger window on the other side, so we have great light. We also have great closets behind this shot. Its small-ish, but definitely workable.

BOYS' ROOM ~ Before

This will go from an office to our boys' room. It also has big windows and closets. It will be fun transforming this into a fun and creative boy room.

I wouldn't normally think of a bright pretty girls room belonging in a basement, but this room can be just that. It has 3 windows, good light, and original shiplap wood planks that look so rustic/shabby chic/pottery barn kids. I love this room. It still needs some updating, including the baseboard heater and a few other things.

The Bonus Room is as big as the upstairs Living Room.  Its begging for a fireplace makeover, topped with a big TV. A big (but streamlined) sectional for comfy viewing would also be nice. I'd love to put white panels over this fireplace with white cabinets on either side.

OTHER ROOMS in the Basement ~

~ Laundry Room - This will be a future 4th bedroom - and the biggest bedroom at that!
~ Back Closet - Tucked under the stairs, this will be the future Laundry Room. 
~ Back Room - This windowless but cozy carpeted room is big but keeps it hidden with the big furnace and water heater in it. We'd love to upgrade both and move them, then this could be a nice-sized office and maybe a guest room.
~ 2nd Bathroom - This is accessed through the Back Room. But eventually it will have its own door from the Bonus Room. Giving much needed privacy to both rooms.

Stay tuned for some "In Progress" and "After" photos!

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