Friday, April 1, 2011

Kitchen - Before and After

I debated calling this a "Before and After" post because it really is a "during" post.  At least in my own head its still during!  I have so many affordable ideas and solutions for this kitchen.  But for now I'm still researching and building a mood board for the home owners.  We'll see how much more it changes, but for now let's see how far it has come so far:
Kitchen & Nook - Before  

Not too many changes yet.  We borrowed this great kitchen farm table from some friends and put our black IKEA chairs around it.  It seats 4-6 comfortably like this and extends another 3 FEET(!!!) to seat 10!  As an avid entertainer of large groups, I gotta love that.  But ideally I would love to replace it with a round pedestal table with enough leaves to seat at least 8.  So until then, I will continue searching craigslist and being amazed at this wonderful, temporary (& free!) solution.

Kitchen - Corner sink with a view of the fields outside and some spring touches inside
Next week... the bedroom afters... Stay tuned!

P.S. Happy April Fools' Day!  Have fun, but don't make too much of a fool out of anyone - or you will surely end up the foolish one!

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