Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Before and After - Master Bedroom

Before - Master Bedroom
Here is the Master Bedroom before we moved in. We removed the stick-on mirrors, moved the bed under the small window on the right in this picture, and made that a feature wall. I like to put beds across the room from the door, so when you walk in you see the bed as a focal point of the bedroom. We will make the window look bigger with lots of layers of curtains across that wall. This arrangement will also work best for our furniture.

After - Master Bedroom
We used our old dining room curtains to play up the window and serve as a sort of headboard for our bed. The matching bedside tables were used in the closets of our daughters' room in our last house. But they work nicely here (and match the black dresser I use now too - below).

We LOVE having more storage in our bedside tables! They store books, magazines, some seasonal wear, and all those little personal mementos and items that are hard to find a place for.
My bedside table - a little place of peace for me at night.

Chad's bedside table - every good Executive Pastor has a stack of books he's reading through!

Here is the view from the bed. I swapped out my long white dresser (which is now the girls') for this tall black one (from our former guest room and office). It fits well in the space and matches the bedside tables nicely. I'm looking forward to hanging a mirror above it and using the top as a more functional (and pretty!) vanity.

Our closet is fairly large and deep, especially for a 1930s house. Chad is able to keep all his clothes in it and I have room for my hanging clothes. And check out that bright teal inside!

Here's one more shot of our no-cost makeover, using stuff from other rooms.

So that's where this room is so far... Here is our TO DO list going forward:
  • Hang dining room curtains as a temporary solution
  • Trade out white furniture for black furniture
  • Organize closet
  • Paint room a cozy, saturated color
  • Sand, prime and paint all trim and doors a crisp white
  • Remove carpeting
  • Refinish wood floors
  • Save up to buy or make new curtains
We will keep you posted as this room develops!

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