Monday, January 27, 2014

The Boys' Room - Before/After Pictures

Here is the boys' room before we moved in (it was being used as an office):

On moving day it looked like this:
Beds and toy shelf fit well on the big windowed wall.
The window looks out over a large backyard and deck.

The bedroom door (center) and dresser/changing table to the right.

The clothes closet is generously sized and fits most of their clothes and toys.  The second closet (on the right) is deep enough the pack'n'play, totes of clothes that are seasonal or don't fit yet, and all the other bulky things that little ones require.

We wanted to go with a Rodeo theme (this includes a little mixture of rustic cowboys and old-timey trains).  I sewed some pennant banners - in red, blue, burlap and gingham - and hung them above the crib as a sort of mobile. (Click here to learn how I made mine.)
Rodeo Pennant Banners hang above the crib as a mobile - but high enough to be out of little hands' reach.

The crib wall -before the rodeo pennant banner and rocking chair
I bought this little rocking chair at a local antique store for $35. I added the pillow (our old Master Bedroom bedding - from Ralph Lauren). The colors work well in the space and it makes for perfect reading spot for night time stories with the boys.

Updated Afters: 

Just this month Zander turned three and got a "big boy bed" (aka a toddler bed we found on Craigslist for $35). So here are some updated pictures with TWO toddler beds. I'm sure in a year or so we will be upgrading to bunk beds. But for two little guys, this is a good set up for now:

We still have things to do in this room. Some of them are a ways out. Here's out TO DO list:
  • make/hang pennant banners
  • hang blackout curtains with tie backs
  • upgrade to toddler beds
  • upgrade to bunk beds
  • hang better art, etc on walls
  • prime & paint trim and doors
  • remove carpeting, refinish floors, add a comfy rug
  • turn second closet into reading nook or fort
  • add a barnwood wall
Here's our inspiration for the reading nook we're dreaming about. This one comes from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick. Wouldn't the second closet be perfect for this?
This nook is from Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick
Lastly, I would love to do another barnwood wall like I did here. Below is another inspirational picture of Katie's barnwood wall.

Here's one last shot of the boys' room - "In Progress" for now.  Stay tuned as we continue to transform it!

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