Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Lego Birthdays

Another birthday party post!

In January, we have two birthdays to celebrate in our family: our youngest son's on the 3rd...

and our youngest daughter's on the 6th...

As much as I love celebrating our kids' lives, I am a bit party-weary after the holidays. So to make it easier, I try to find themes that work for both him AND her so I can use the same decor for both. Some years they share a party too. This year was all about the LEGOs!


To keep things easy, I got store-bought mini cupcakes. BUT I dressed them up for our Lego Theme by topping them with candies shaped as Legos. So cute! I got them for a great deal in Winco's bulk aisle.

The kids made a Lego cup to hold the spoons for ice cream. I used our brightly colored fiestaware, and primary colored cups, napkins & decor.

I used their own legos to decorate with around the table - boy colors for my son and then I added pink a few days later for my daughter. We also had a jar of candy legos to guess how many pieces were in there. My oldest daughter made and decorated the cards for the game.

Blowing out 4 candles... while wearing a party hat made by one of his sisters.


 I kept the boy decor up, and added some pink balloons to it.

I switched the "4" Lego sign hanging from the balloons, to read "9".

 I hung pretty homemade pennant banners/bunting and a birthday sign in sweet girly colors.

Pink and green frosting on the cupcakes, topped with more Lego-shaped candies.

All for our sweet 9 year old daughter!

 This was such a fun and easy party, using things we already had - brightly colored legos, dishes, napkins & balloons and a few store-bought cupcakes & candy. Lego was such a great theme!

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