Monday, July 18, 2011

Burlap Monogrammed Pillows

I'm in love with burlap.  I could find a use for it everywhere, every season, I love it.  Its cheap, versatile, adds a bit of texture, and looks great under silver or under a picnic basket.  I love it. (Did I say that already?)  I also love monogrammed pillows, especially made with - you guessed it - burlap.  
I see these in magazines and in other people's homes, and I always think, "I could do that!"  But I never have. So it is high time I used some of my left over fabric to make some of these coveted monogrammed pillows.

Now I want some for the girls room.  One on each of their beds with their initials on them.  All my ingredients were free (found around the house).  Here's what I needed:
  • Small pillows - I had two that didn't match anywhere, perfect to recover!
  • Burlap - I have plenty around from previous projects
  • Complementary fabric - for the back side I used some left over blue & white ticking for one & a matching dishtowel for the other.
  • Stencil - I printed out a big "A" and "Z" from Word and cut them out.  I thought I'd use black paint, but we had some transfer paper left over from a T-shirt project.  The transfer worked great & took a lot less time & energy than stenciling!
Left over fabric - burlap, ticking & even a dishtowel.
 I didn't take any pictures of the sewing steps, but I figure that is pretty self explanatory.  (Just follow your basic square pillow directions: Iron your fabric, cut it to size, put the face of the fabrics together (wrong sides out).  Sew three sides, turn it right-side out.  BUT before inserting the pillow and sewing the last side closed, STOP for stenciling monograms!
Transfer paper & an iron worked great for the stenciled monograms.
I printed the mirror image of the letters on the transfer paper, cut them out, and ironed them onto the burlap.  After they cooled, I carefully peeled off the backing, and touched up as needed with my iron.  I finished by inserting the pillow and sewing up the fourth side.  I also added a button on the larger pillow's fourth side.  Here they are!
Burlap Monogrammed pillows - front side (with another DIY'ed white pillow)

Opposite sides of the pillows - blue & white ticking stripes (and the other pillow in toile)
I love the combinations these can make on the girls' beds!

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