Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Curtain Call

This week, I'm continuing to post about the newly-finished girls room.  Today - curtains!  As you can see, the original curtains were plaid (maroon, navy, forest and dark yellow).  

They don't match my vision of "romantic, country girl, blue".  But I left them because whatever curtains go up, probably will have to stay with the house once it sells.  And being that its on the market now, I didn't really want to lose my own personally-made curtains.  But its bugging me enough, that I had to end my pain!  

It didn't costing me anything since I already had a few yards of blue & white ticking from a project years ago. Plus, *bonus* I had enough for 2 sets of curtains! Where will the second set go, you ask?  In this cubby here:
I took care of the cubby curtains first (it seemed like the easier of the two).  I added a little tension rod and some black curtain clips to hang the cubby-curtains.  So all I had to do was measure the space, iron and hem a big fabric rectangle. Easy!  Here's a glimpse of how they turned out:
They are perfect for hiding the girls' toys or a set of drawers in the future.

As much as I like these, I realized they may be a little plain-Jane for a big window.  I still wanted to use the ticking, but needed a little more for this focal window.  Then I thought, "What about some rodeo-style banners to hang in front of them?"  I used a version of them (with bandanas) for the girls' cowgirl birthdays last year.  And I may be officially addicted to using them.  Here's the final product:
They turned out great and when we move I can just take them down from the curtains.  I'd love to hang them all over the room, but I'm keepin' it simple and staged for now.  Wanna see how I made my version of these pennant banners?  Stay tuned... I'll post a how-to in a few days!

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