Monday, October 10, 2011

Coffee Filter Poof Tutorial

As promised this week I'm sharing more details on the fabulous shower we threw.  Hopefully you'll get inspired for your next party!  

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite party decor elements - a poof made out of coffee filters!  This idea fit with our theme of burlap and white, since coffee filters come in two colors - white and unbleached (a burlap brown color).  Perfect!

This poof is smaller than the other tissue paper poofs I made (about 10" in diameter).  But its also way more durable - it holds its shape, won't wrinkle or dent, can be stored and used over and over.

Here's what you'll need:
- Coffee Filters - about 100 per poof (unless you're using both colors  - then 100 of each color)
- A small stryofoam ball (mine was about 3" in diameter, but bigger is fine too)
- Hot glue gun and several sticks of hot glue
- Straight pin
- Twine, string or ribbon
- Scissors

Step 1: Wrap ball with coffee filters - so styrofoam doesn't peak through.

Step 2: Secure filter wrapping around ball with hot glue.
Step 3: Fold one filter in half....
...then in half again (now it folded into quarters)...
...then in half again (now its folded into eighths.)
Step 4.  Snip tip off and cover end in hot glue.
Step 5. Hold end of filter to ball until hot glued tip dries.  You will have to hold the first several for awhile, making sure they are secure.  But be patient and keep working in small sections, it gets quicker and easier as it fills out.
Step 6. Fill in holes and trim uneven "bumps" in surface.  As you can see above, I still have some thin spots to fill in and some filters sticking out more than others that need to be sheered with scissors.
Step 7: Add twine, ribbon or string to hang it.  Secure it to ball with a straight pin & some hot glue.  And here's the finished product! (In this version I used both white & unbleached filters - one of each folded together each time.)
Here they are hanging beautifully above our party area!  These are three different versions of the same poof - white, natural & mixed (which uses 100 of each color).

If you like these poofs, stay tuned for a tutorial on tissue paper poofs.  And of course more fun party pictures and ideas to come!

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