Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lessons from A to Z ~ Harvest

“The combines are coming!
     The combines are coming!”
This was what I heard as the girls burst through the front door and pulled me out into the yard to see all the excitement. 
   As I’ve mentioned before, we live 3 miles off the nearest paved road—out in the middle of no where the wheat fields.  So this change in our quiet country setting was all very thrilling!  Sure enough, 6 huge combines had suddenly descended onto the fields surrounding our house.  They worked quickly together, plowing and dumping their grain into nearby semi trailers.  We watched in awe, wanting to be part of the action and waving to the harvesters each time they passed.

     With Fall upon us, I can’t help but apply this scene to our ministry at Resonate Church.  As our numbers grow, it reminds me of a bountiful harvest.  We’ve been spared the fires and hail that sometimes come in ministry (no matter how hard you are working!)  I find myself standing nearby, watching and gaping in awe at this crazy-ripe harvest that is happening.  Praise. The. Lord.

     And harvest happens fast!  I witnessed our staff working that first few weeks of school—much like the combines.  They descend on the WSU & U of I campuses, working quickly together to reap as many as possible before they set to planting the winter crop. 

     Honestly, “harvest” can sound scary to me.  To talk to someone about God and hope that it ends in a decision for Him… that’s a lot of pressure!  And let me tell you, I’ve suffered through a few droughts in my 18 years of ministry!   All I could do was pray that if I didn’t harvest something, maybe I at least planted a seed.

     But this season I am seeing the bounty of what Christ describes as a field “ripe for harvest”.  In fact, we find ourselves scrambling for more “silo space” and more workers.  It is exciting and I am drawn to it, without worry or fear.  But like Abby and Zoe, I am marveling at God’s harvest, excited to jump in!

I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! 
They are ripe for harvest.
~ John 4:35

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