Thursday, January 19, 2012

Designing Snow

I love all kinds of design.  Even with snow!  It's a fun architectural medium to work with and great for the imagination.  Yesterday and today the girls and I worked on a snow fort.  I shoveled and they patted and molded it.  And before long we decided it wasn't a fort - it was a castle.  And not just any castle, but "Cair Paravel" - the castle in Narnia.

Last year, none of us would've thought to name it this.  But over the past year my husband has read the entire Chronicles of Narnia to them.  It made quiet an impact on their little imaginations!  Even my 6 year old (who at times would get restless listening without many pictures to help), loves talking about the books and making up her own Narnia adventures.  So here she is, pretending to be "Queen Lucy the Valiant" standing before her throne in her Narnian castle of Cair Paravel.

Snow is great for the imagination!

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