Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

As the news is reporting "Snow-magedden" for the whole North West, I am giddy to be in the middle of it with the rest of my northwest friends.  I love the way a blanket of snow transforms everything: yards become blank canvases, trees look lacy, and everything is a little more peaceful in the muffled quiet.  Here's a few pics of the winter wonderland in our own yard.  Enjoy!

We call this tree "The Old Woman" in the winter when she's all snowy.  Can you see it?

A view of our yard from the Dining Room window.

The trees that line our driveway - hence our home's name "Cottonwood Grove"

More lacy trees.

The tree house (and just beyond it, the sledding hill!)

These pictures were taken with just a few inches of snow.  Now we have about a foot of white stuff, so there are many adventures to be had today in our winter wonderland!

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