Cottonwood Grove

Our Third House (a short-term rental) ~ Cottonwood Grove

When we first moved, we rented a beautiful house with a unique situation.  We were staging/house sitting a house we could never usually afford - while it was on the market.  We ended up being there for about a year and a half.  So even though it felt fairly temporary, it turned out to be a wonderful length of time to rent!

It is absolutely beautiful on the exterior - smack dab in the middle of the wheat fields, under a beautiful grove of cottonwood trees.  The interior is spacious too.  The bonus is that any improvements I did (like painting) could have been reimbursed by the owners.  And although we rented, I couldn't stop my DIY-self from thinking up design/staging ideas for them!

The Entry way is large and - like the rest of the living areas - has cathedral ceilings.  This is the wall that greats you, with the living room to the left and the kitchen/great room to the front/right.


Both the Living and Dining Rooms - I would like to re-paint to something more neutral than the current pink. And I have an affordable idea to update the window treatments too - possibly (drop cloths!). 

Our ever-changing bookshelves.



Love the open flow of the kitchen and the big island.  I'd love to give the kitchen a real tile back splash and some new window treatments.  I'm dreaming of them right now...


With large office walls and small cottage-sized furniture, I had to do something to fill the wall space.  This picture wall worked nicely.


I worked with the blue built-in desktops and light blue walls with a country/cowgirl theme.  It works well with our rural location.  I used blue ticking, a toile pattern (my favorite!), gingham and a little burlap.  I loved making the rodeo-type pennant banner with the curtains, and sewing the burlap monogrammed pillows on their beds. See more pictures here.


This was a fun room to stage - created from basically nothing but a few spare pieces of furniture!  Read more about creating staged bedrooms from thin air here.


I worked with the pale green walls by keeping things light and bright and adding a few different shades of green.  This room gets great light and the white and green just reflect the view out the big bay window.